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12 month diploma program with a perfect blend of Online, Classroom and On-Job training with monthly stipend

Workx is India's first uniquely structured diploma program, designed to train students in essential finishing skills and endeavours to make them 'Job-Ready' professionals. The program is a blend of Classroom , Online and Paid On-Job Training that offers students with an industry-specific theoretical and practical education to help them build their career. Workx is in accordance with the Government of India's Skill India Mission and is integrated with the NEEM Regulation of AICTE.

Program Features

Workx is India’s first Work Integrated Knowledge Diploma that is linked to the AICTE’s NEEM mission (National Employability Enhancement Mission) and in accordance with Government of India’s Skill India Mission. The Workx  program teaches you industry relevant skills crafted into several modules while being associated with a reputed corporate brand.

  • Learn on the Go

    Workx facilitates app-based learning, our innovative ‘Lurningo’ app helps you to learn and practice the skills on your smartphone anytime anywhere. On the ‘Lurningo’ app, you can learn and take the assessments on your smartphone without any difficulties.

  • Learn and Earn

    As a part of the Workx program, you are provided with paid on-job training with the leading corporates that are tagged to the government of India’s NEEM mission (National Employability Enhancement Mission). The On-job training will help you acquire the practical skills necessary for career growth and at the same time earn monthly stipend as per the minimum wages act of the state.

  • Placement Assistance

    Upon successfully completing the WorkX program, you will be assisted in searching for a job through our Optara application.

Program Benefits

Monthly Stipend

The practical learning is achieved by way of On-Job training, for which you will receive a monthly stipend as per the minimum wages act by the Government of India.

Industry Exposure

The 12 months On-job training will provide the real-world exposure and the work experience that would be helpful for you to build a better career. The On-Job training shall be conducted at well-known corporate houses , under a wide range of specialized domains like Retail, Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Micro-Finance, E- Commerce, IT and Hospitality.

University diploma & Industry certificate

Upon successful completion of your 12 months On-Job training, you shall be awarded with a diploma from the university along with a work experience certificate from the corporate house.

A boost to your Career

After completing the Workx program, you shall acquire industry specific skills and work experience that will facilitate a successful long-term career for you , with a competitive salary, and little or no educational debt.

Program Structure

Preparatory Training

2 Weeks

The initial 2 weeks of the preparatory training will be held in a classroom where the students would be oriented face to face by the trainers.

On-Job Training

12 months

The 12 months of the On-Job training will consist of training in a real world corporate environment with Online learning, and regular assessments.

Choose Your

Program Fee: Rs.10,000/-

Registration Fee Rs. 3000/-
Diploma Program Fee
Payable at the time of Requesting OJT (On the Job Training)
Rs. 7000/-


Any Candidate who has passed 10+2 or equivalent from a certified University or Board

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to register for Workx Program?
Any candidate who has passed 10+2 or equivalent from a certified University or Board is eligible to register for Workx Program
What is the age limit to enroll for the  Workx Program?
Students should have completed 17 year of age in the 10+2 study arrangement
Is there any additional fee to choose Workx Program?
No, there is no additional fee to choose Workx Program
What will I learn from the online modules included in Workx  Program?
Online Modules are split into lessons with specialization of domain knowledge followed by assessments
What are the industry specialisation in Workx Program?
Production, Hospitality, Retail, Banking, Finance, E-Commerce, Micro-Finance
What is the structure of Workx Program? How will you prepare me to get the Job?
Workx program structure
Stage 1 - Classroom training - 12 days. (Softskills & Interview readiness)
Stage 2 - Workx Diploma Learning and On-Job training with monthly stipend (12 Months)
Is the Field Work/On the Job Training compulsory?
Yes, the On-Job training is compulsory to complete your diploma program; it gives you an opportunity to apply your knowledge on the job, earn monthly stipend and gain work experience.
What kind of Workx Program Assignments are included?
Yes, a stipend for the entire 12 months on the Job training with commitment of Workx Diploma Learning as decided by the employer.
Do I get paid during the On-Job training?
Yes, you will earn monthly stipend for the entire 12 months as decided by the employer.
Is the Work experience certificate provided during my On-the Job Training period (Internship) recognised by the Govt.?
Yes, it would be recognized in the job market and positions you for a better career prospect
What is the duration of the Workx Program?
12 Months split into 2 semesters of learning.
Are there any assessments for the Workx Program?
Yes, Workx Assessments would include
- Continuous & comprehensive evaluate CCE - 40%
- Term end examination TEE - 60%
- On-Job Training Evaluation
- University Evaluation - 40%
- Industry Evaluation - 60%

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